Nirdesh Pokharel

An analytical individual with a great passion in software development and programming, aim higher to be successful as an Tech-Entrepreneur. I have been developing softwares and web applications for more than 2 years now.

Currently, I am working at Amar Secondary School as a Part Time Computer Teacher.

What I Do

Software / Web Developer (Freelancer)

I had served numerous clients in their private and exclusive software and web application development over the years. I had satisfied maximum of them with my work, relation and overall support.
I am very good with understanding what exactly clients need and i have expertise in providing them exactly that.

" Impact of good creation lasts forever. "

Me as a Person

I have some private space for myself too. I love to explore different fields of interest whenever i get time or get bored of my daily routine. My interest lies across the fields which includes Playing Chess, Reading Books, Poetry, Travelling and many more. I am also in a path of self realisation, i think everyone is a spiritual being the only thing is we need to identify ourselves. I truly believes Peace and Fulfillment can only be found in innerself.

" No Breathe, No Life. Know Breathe, Know Life. "

Online Instructor (Founder of TechVerse)

I love to learn, but i love to teach even more. I provide web development and programming personal classes which consists of updated module, projects and hand holding mentoring. I truly believe learning to be fun, creative and deep and i deliver them with quality.
I had trained numbers of student across the platform and technology.

" Education is about learning to think not remembering facts. "

Giving Back to Community

I believe learning and being a capable tech person with any given skills requires a support of community. In my initial learning phase, i had been helped and supported by many platforms. Following that same cycle, i feel like giving back to community anything i can. I create free programming videos on youtube, contribute to open source community, and provide with webinars and training time to time.

" United we stand, Divided we fall. "


Skills :